Investing in startups.

You would like to invest in innovative business concepts at an early stage? You are looking for an active exchange of experience with young startups and would like to actively accompany them on their way? You would like to exchange ideas and experiences with other business angels, family offices and corporates on investment trends and startups?

As a business angel network, venture forum neckar e. V. creates direct personal contact with:

  • interesting founders and growth companies while maintaining the usual confidentiality,

  • other business angels and other players in the early financing phase as an important prerequisite for joint engagements.

The venture forum neckar establishes contact to startup companies for its members several times a year via pitching events (investment forums). We actively support our members through a multi-stage pre-selection of the presenting companies. We check whether the product, USP, management team, market and growth prospects are promising or at least plausible.

Our members decide completely freely on the possible investments and the measures required for the preliminary examination. The venture forum neckar does not give any investment recommendation and does not accept any liability.


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If you are interested or have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly:

  • +49 (0) 7131-7669-112


"If you want to be successful, you don't have to know things that nobody else knows. But he must believe in things that hardly anyone else believes."
"Don't listen to the advice of someone who isn't where you want to be."
"Success is a staircase, not a door."

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  • You have knowledge of the industry and would like to pass on your experience of the markets and do's and don'ts in the corporate environment to young companies?

  • You can imagine opening your network to young companies?

  • You have the possibility to invest your own capital?

However, the charm of startup financing also consists of an emotional return: to experience once again how a young company achieves market penetration and corporate success.

Code of Honor.

I support the idea of Business Angels and stand for the adherence and preservation of this code and the principles of the network with my name.

As a venture forum neckar accredited Business Angel

  • I have practical experience as an entrepreneur or manager.

  • I actively support innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups as a private person with my extensive experience and contacts as well as with industry and management know-how. I provide this support free of charge.

  • I conduct open and confidential negotiations with the presented companies; the participation of several business angels is basically desired and is not restricted by me.

  • I always invest in innovative, growth-oriented companies.

  • I agree on a fair company valuation.

  • I acquire a minority stake in return for my investment.

  • I invest in companies for the long term.

  • I undertake not to initiate any business on a commission basis.

  • I am economically independent, so that the possible total loss of my capital investment in a company presented in the context of the business angels network venture forum neckar has only insignificant effects on my personal and economic situation.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!