Growth through innovation.

The venture forum neckar was founded in 2002 on the initiative of well-known entrepreneurs from the region.

Wir bezeichnen uns gerne als Business Angel-Netzwerk im weiteren Sinne mit derzeit 42 aktiven Mitglieder aus Business Angels, Family Offices und Unternehmen.

What they have in common is their passion for the cause: to support innovative founders and their "sparkling" ideas with capital and active support.

Our credo.

Our credo is to focus on the needs and well-being of startups as well as our members.

We want to recognize the potential of young companies and innovations and promote them. To this end, we actively build the bridge between startups and investors.

We believe that it is not the perfect concept, the perfect presentation or the best KPI's that make a startup successful. Rather, it is the people behind it.

A founder should combine two skills: he should be passionate about the entrepreneurial conviction of his business idea and its implementation. And he should be open to adapting his business idea to market requirements if necessary.

Our business angels support startups with capital, know-how and network. This creates tangible added value, in close cooperation. From entrepreneur to entrepreneur.  At eye level.

Our members.

Partner for startups and investors.

  • We regularly organize pitching events (matchings). Selected innovative startups and investors get to talk to each other here.

  • We remain in contact with founders and investors after the investment forums in order to get both sides around the table for a further exchange as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible. Until the investment, we see ourselves as a contact for both sides!

  • We are open to startups from all over Germany - and beyond. We offer startups a presentation in the region of world market leaders.

  • We do not have a specific industry focus. But it is not least due to our economic region, which is dominated by medium-sized companies, that convincing technology-oriented ideas and products are "welcome".

  • Through our large partner network in the field of corporate venture, we have access to industry experts and strategic investment partners. As a member of BAND (Business Angel Netzwerk Deutschland e. V.), we also have access to a Europe-wide network of leading angel investors, venture capital and private equity funds.

What we move.

  • We receive and process an average of more than 600 applications from startups and growth companies per year.

  • At least six promising startups present their projects at each pitching event (investment forum). This means that within a year, we offer more than 40 companies the chance to present themselves to our investors.

  • Half of the presenting companies have further discussions with investors after the investment forum.

  • Our goal is one to two investments per event.

  • We place a special focus on the megatrend IoT and Industry 4.0. Since 2013, we have organized an annual congress at which startups and growth companies can present their ideas from the fields of digitization, AR and VR, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, as well as automation, sensor technology, mechatronics, embedded systems, etc., and in doing so can compete for capital and/or cooperations with medium-sized companies.

  • Our investors come from all over Germany. In addition, we maintain our network with the highly competent, innovative and energetic small and medium-sized businesses located here. This results in a variety of opportunities for cooperation between established companies and founders.

"Courage is at the beginning of action, happiness at the end."

Our philosophy.

The venture forum neckar is a strong partner!
  • The venture forum neckar bundles competence to sustainably support knowledge-based companies. The multitude of technology-oriented partners enables a deep understanding - even of complex issues. This has a lasting positive influence on the process result.

  • The partners and members of venture forum neckar are or were mostly medium-sized entrepreneurs - which means they are well aware of the special challenges in setting up a company!

  • venture forum neckar puts the success of the capital seeking companies in the center of its target-oriented commitment.

  • venture forum neckar is continuously expanding its regional position in order to make the potential of the region of world market leaders accessible to startups and companies on both sides.


The venture forum neckar cares with professionalism!!

The venture forum neckar commits all actors of the network to the following principles:

  • The confidentiality of the received information, such as company profile or business plan, is to be guaranteed by all actors in the sense of all. See also our data protection information according to DSGVO.

  • All negotiations are conducted fairly and openly. For both parties of a negotiation an open and voluntary exchange of information is beneficial.

  • The venture forum neckar is a contact platform and offers the opportunity to establish contacts. This should also take place between the business angels, as well as between the startups or founders, without third parties restricting this.

  • It is important to preserve and maintain objectivity and professionalism in doing and acting.