Our Board of Directors..

Our Board of Directors is made up of well-known and successful personalities from the business world. It is elected by the general meeting and is responsible for the strategic direction of the association with a high level of personal commitment.

Dr. Stefan Reineck
Dr. Stefan ReineckChairman of the Board

Dr. Stefan Reineck began his career at LEYBOLD AG, an international equipment manufacturer for the semiconductor and data storage industry, where he was most recently head of the data storage technology equipment division. Afterwards, the doctor of physics took over the management of Quartz Crystal Technology GmbH, a medium-sized manufacturer of equipment for the telecommunications industry. From 2002 to 2006, he was CEO of STEAG HamaTech AG, a company specializing in the production of optical data storage systems and photomasks, before subsequently working as a management consultant.

From April to September 2007, Dr. Stefan Reineck was an interim member of the Management Board of SUSS MicroTec AG before joining its Supervisory Board in October 2007.

Dr. Reineck is a founding member of vfn and has been Chairman of the association since 2011.

Thomas Villinger
Thomas VillingerDeputy Chairman of the Executive Board

He joined ZFHN Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn in 2006 as co-founder and CEO. Before joining ZFHN Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn, he accompanied as founder and CEO the company development of Innovationsfabrik Heilbronn GmbH, a large center with 60 startup companies focusing on industry, electronics, communication. He serves on numerous supervisory boards of early stage investments.

Thomas Villinger has over 12 years of venture capital experience with firms such as CapGemini, KfW Kreditanstalt f. Wiederaufbau and World Bank, focusing on M&A and private/public capital raising for growth companies in Europe, the Gulf States and the US.

Thomas Villinger studied economics and geography at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Ffm. He also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Schiller International University (USA & F).

Uli Schwab
Uli SchwabTreasurer

Herr Schwab begann seine berufliche Laufbahn bei der Kreissparkasse Heilbronn und begleitete dort verschiedene Positionen, u.a. 5 Jahre in der Firmenkundenberatung. Anschließend wechselte er im Jahr 1991 zur Kreissparkasse Dresden und übernahm dort die Bereichsleitung für das gesamte Kreditgeschäft. Im Jahr 1993 erfolgte die Ernennung zum stellvertretenden Vorstandsmitglied.

Im Juli 1996 wurde Herr Schwab in den Vorstand der Hoerner Bank Aktiengesellschaft berufen. Dort war er im Wesentlichen für die Bereiche Kreditgeschäft, die Erbenermittlung Ausland und die IT verantwortlich.

2007 wechselte Herr Schwab in die Geschäftsführung der RSB Retail+Service Bank GmbH. Dort verantwortete er u.a. die Bereiche Marktfolge Kredit, Betriebsbereich, Risikomanagement, Auslagerungsmanagement, Revision, Compliance und Banksysteme.

Seit 2023 ist Herr Schwab als Unternehmensberater tätig.